1987 Capri 14.2 Sail Number 1692

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I bought this boat a month or so ago. We took it out once and haven't been out since. I guess it's just a little more boat than we needed. I'm going to try and find him a sunfish or laser or something like that he and I can easily carry down the dock.

All rigging is there except a boom vang. The hull is in very good shape, but could used some compounding. There is some spider cracking along either side of the gunnel cap near midship. Looking at it I would bet this is a common area of cracking. The nose of the bow is chipped where it hit the trailer, agian probably common.
The rudder is in good shape except for one chip on the trailing edge about the size of a quarter.
The trailer is very nice. Good tires, wiring mostly works, but I can fix or rewire it in about 30 minutes. Galvanized trailer with rack for mast. Mast and stays are all in good condition. Stays were recently replaced.
Sails are in good condition, with slight frays along the bottom edges and where the main feeds into the mast and boom.
Includes a couple life vest, some misc hardware, and a bag big enough for both sales, rigging and the rudder.

Email me jhaynie@sigcox.com and I'll try and get some pictures posted on my photobucket site.

Looking to get $1100.00. Boat is in Augusta, Georgia about 2 hours east of Atlanta.

$1100 seems fair. Just not a lot of takers with winter coming. You described my boat to a T... with the exception of the hull needing compounding (did that)...

I replaced a bunch of lines too, but otherwise we are right there..

For the record mine is hull 880 and it is a 1986. I was offerred $1000 for a trade for it from 2 different dealers (I didn't haggle either, and you know they are just gonna turn around and sell it for twice as much).
Capri for sale

I have been sailing an older (probably late '70's, orange hull) well-loved Laser and am thinking of moving to something larger. This is an easily transportable, classic boat ideal for beach launching, besides being a planing hull that can really move. Have recently upgraded to current racing rigging but sail and rudder, centerboard and 2nd "M" sail and rigging are vintage.
Would you be interested in a swap + a negotiable difference - e-bay prices for a boat like mine are typically around $800? Laser & trailer could make trip south in December.