For Sale: 1987 C14 w/trailer $1100 OBO

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1987 C14, excellent condition, ready to sail. Just had the main sail recondition this spring, jib is in good shape, installed a Hobie baby bob to prevent turtling, boarding ladder, motor mount, and trailer. The boat is ready to go enjoy the fall sailing season.
Smith Mountain Lake VA south of Roanoke CL3.JPG



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This looks like it was a heck of a deal for a good looking Capri. Were you able to sell it? I'm curious why it still appears so far up the classifieds list.
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How did you install the baby bob. I have one to install, looking for the bet method. Any pictures if your install?
No pictures, what I did was trim away the back of the bracket that comes on the bob until it slide down into the mast. Once I had a nice fit I drilled two holes thru the mast and the bob brackets, making sure to leave enough space for the main halyard to run freely over the pulley, and inserted two smooth shank 1/4" stainless bolts with aircraft nuts. It was the simplest solution I could come up with and it worked very well.
Hope this helps.