1986 Racing Sunfish for Sale in Southern New Jersey with Dolly and Cover!

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1986 Sunfish for Sale out of the Brant Beach Yacht Club in Ocean County, New Jersey for $1200. The boat was bought two years ago from original owner, now looking to upgrade to a laser. Boat has been sailed weekly for two years during the summer and has participated in many races which it has received rankings for. Boat comes with all lines, needed, dolly and cover. Ready to be towed and sailed!
*Photo attached was taken this season*
- Rudder is in excellent conditions, comes with tiller extension that is retractable and locks two ways.
- Hull is white has no major cracks, does not take on water and has had no major repairs done or needed. Only cosmetic spider cracks are visible. Sides of the hull are lined with metal protection which has visible minor scratches as should be expected.
- Cockpit is blue with no cracks, comes with working hiking strap and drain plug.
- Ratchet Block is equipped for racing and works without fail.
- Centerboard is the same year as the boat and rudder and has no problems.
- Splash guard is also blue and works very well, Some corking underneath would keep it 100% water tight but as of now, little to no water enters cockpit via wakes because of fault in the splash guard.
- Bow cleat is excellent condition.
- Mast is in perfect condition.
- Seitech dolly is included and has been washed and lubed often, all pins are in place and wheels are in good condition. In pictures, front handlebars are wrapped in tape because the underlying wrap has become sticky.
- Halyard and main sheet both are in excellent condition with no chaffing.
- White racing sail is included (with no numbers)but has a small tear from original owner in the center that is covered with duct tape; it results in no loss of speed. New plastic sail ties were just recently added to 90% of the sail, the upper spar still has a few of the original however.
- Mast down cover was bought and sold by original owner. It is dark grey and made by Slo Sail and Canvas. It has no tears or faults, only item needed by new owner would be bungees to hold it to the boat.

Please contact seller if you are interested, have any questions or would like to see the boat in person @ (732) 357-6744 or dennis_wieboldt@yahoo.com, he is very motivated to sell!


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