For Sale 1986 Capri 14.2 Model 1 with Trailer


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I have a 1986 Capri 14.2 with valid and current California registration, on a 1986 Calkin single axle trailer, also with valid and current California registration. I purchased back in 2016, freshened up various lines and fittings, and took it out a couple times. Started having hip problems and was unable to take it out enjoyably. Has been sitting since. I have come to the realization that I will be unlikely to take it out in the future.

Looking for a good home, somebody who could get some enjoyment out of it, but perhaps cannot afford a newer or more pristine model. I would say "free to a good home," but have found in the past that people are suspicious of anything that is "free." So, I will price at $300.00, and willing to accept any offers. I can take any photographs you may want to view prior to discussion. I have attached a photograph from 2016 just as I was finishing getting it ready for my maiden voyage.

I am located in Redding, California, which is about 170 miles north of Sacramento, California, and 160 miles south of Medford, Oregon, just a few miles off of Interstate 5. My home office number is (530) 275-5768. My mobile number is (530) 515-9757, best to text first as my cell coverage can be spotty. My email is [email protected]


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Bob Koetting
Where were you a year ago Bob? Just kidding, you said where you were. This is just what I was looking for last year. Based on the pic this is a steal for anyone out there. Mast head float, furled jib, those two things alone are worth the price.
Exact same colors as the one I bought a year ago for way more $$. Happy sailing to whoever pics this up from Bob.
Sold, or rather donated to the Quartermaster Yacht Club in Vashon, WA. Soon to be taking youths out onto Puget Sound. Sounds like a nice retirement gig for anything, especially a nice old Cat 14.2!

Bob Koetting
Great job Bob Kietting!!
I am now 75 years old (or young depending on your perspective), partially retired, and sailing a 2016 Cat 14.2K on a 50,000 acre freshwater lake along the VA/NC state line. Keep the boat in the water at my dock generally from May through late September or October. With a keel the boat rides well at the dock and is a dream to single hand. My plan it to sail as long as I can handle the boat and twice a year launching. Then, I plan to donate the boat to a state park (which offers launch ramps and has a marina) about 2 miles up the lake from me or to the local YMCA so either can begin to offer sailing lessons etc if they haven't already. Donated a Tanzer 22 several years before to an organization since it's maintenance and launching/retrieving was becoming a little cumbersome and my wife was not sailing anymore. Point is, more of us should try to improve the access to sailboats with similar organizations whenever we can. The dollar value of used sailing dinghys is generally low enough that it is "cost effective" and a great investment in the locale.
Just a thought.