1985 Mod 1 with Galvanized trailer

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I have a 1985 Mod 1 in good condition. Sailed once a year and is stored on a galvanized trailer. Sails need replacement but usable as they are the original. Teak needs re-finishing and two small scrapes on the jellcoat on the side of the hull. Topside has very few stress cracks and foot strapes are original and need replacement. Asking $1300. Located in Chino in So Cal
do you have pictures of your boat

im very interested in buying your boat ..do you have pictures ..when can you show it ..i live in sd and can drive upwhen you have time.. john bruno
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Yes I can shoot some pictures of the boat. I store the boat up at my office and I'll take some pictures of it and send them to you. Where do you want me to send the pictures?
pictures of yourboat

hi again this is john bruno just checking if you had a chance to take some pics of your boat... sometimes aol misses things... also wondering how your schedule looks for this week, i would like to come up and see boat if you have time jb