1985 Capri 14.2 for sale

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I have a nice 14.2 with all original docs and manuals form Catalina. Built in 1985. Sail and hull matching # 699. Red hull with white sails. Sails are in very good clean condition (no rips, unseaming or mildew) just not super crisp. Sheets and halyards are fine but could be replaced. Shrouds in good condition. All Harken blocks and in fine shape. Mast is in great shape. Boom in excellent shape. Just refinished the teak and it looks great. Faired the rudder and painted. New hiking straps. New hatch cover with as good as a seal as you can get. Light oxidation removal and light wax. Solid fiberglass and hull. Bottom of hull has scratches (not gouges) but nothing a good wet sand would not fix. I prefer a boat that is not overly glossy. This hull shows some fading but factory gelcoat is in great shape. It is faster if you lightly wet sand and do not put a bunch of oxidation remover, wax or try to repaint and look pretty. I have removed a fine layer of oxidation but only as cleaner and then very fine wet sanding and super light wax. Trailer is in great shape. 1 new tire and one last year by previous owner. Lights work perfect with round 6 pin connector. Trailer will be set up for 1 7/8" or 2" ball. I bought this boat Aug 1st for my birthday and spent all my extra time the last 2 weeks getting it as race ready as possible. Have sailed it twice and it sails great. You could single hand this boat easily in recreational regattas. I raced Sabots, lasers, FJ's 420's and 470's as a kid and in college and thought my wife and daughter would like this boat as it is more comfy than full race dinghy’s. Guess what, Wife likes power boats or a Swan 65' and this now must go. This is actually a really fun boat. Flat bottom and will scoot if you can hold her down. Not sure on the class rules but with a better stern mounted traveler and trapeze this boat would be as fast as you want. If you only want to cruise this boat is easy to handle with or without a crew. I hate to sell this as it is a once in a lifetime barn find. Guess I need to save for the Swan 65'.

I taught sailing for years and I am willing to get you started if this is your first go. Very easy boat to rig and sail.

$1,000.00 - I am in Boise but willing to help get this boat to someone who will sail it. This is a really cool boat in really good condition.

To bad your not going East soon...

Well, I actually don't know. But if you were coming east, to say PA or MD, I'd be very interested. My time is very restricted. I can come up with the $1000. Just not the time and extra funds to get your 14.2

If you can visit a loved one close by... and bring her along - let me know!


Wow, recognize those sheets, they are the ones I just replaced on my 1986... THEY are original! Halyards too.

Definitely sea worthy though, and the red hull is unique. I guess my 1986 is in better shape than I thought though.

$1000 seams more than reasonable for her.

You're sure to sell her soon.
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Yes this boat is still for sale. Cleaned and out away in climate controlled storage. Raced it here in Idaho and we finished 4th out of 7 overall only racing day 2 and getting 4 of the 7 races in. I still do not want to sell but wife says it must go.
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Not For Sale

Looks like I get to keep the boat. It has become apparent to my wife that I will be grumpy all winter if I have to sell the boat so I have a hall pass and will sail another day. Sorry for the false alarm, I appreciate the interest but I am thrilled that I can keep the boat. The only thing I can offer would be a trade for a decent Laser. Wife will not be sailing in this boat and I would prefer to singlehand in the local club so a Laser would be great.

If you change your mind, let me know. I want to trade out of my 1995 Capri 14 which seems to be a slow boat compared ot others we race. RK
Is your Capri still for sale?

I am looking for a used Capri 14 for my family and your boat looks to be just what I am looking for. I am in Seattle. Is your boat still for sale? Thanks. Steve Phillips agp@soundeye.com

I would be interested in buying your boat if you could get it too Seattle.

I don't need trailer.

Would you be willing to ship or bring to Seattle.

George Bouvet
I have a 1985 Capri 14.2 for sale and live on Case Inlet on the south sound, about 20 minutes from Gig Harbor. I would take $1,000 for her. Currently I have no pictures. It does have a custom cover and trailer. Let me know if your interested.

Suzanne Smith

360 275-9473