1983 Sunfish for sale

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Okay, so I have two Sunfish now and my wife says I need to get rid of one. So I told her that I would. So it got everything you need. A recently refinished rudder, tiller, tiller extension, and Barrington style daggerboard. I bought it a last year from an old man who won it (he was a sales rep and the Sunfish was the reward for highest sales). So I'm the second owner. It was kept in his attic for 15 years. The first owner dropped the boat on its rear starboard side and cracked the fiberglass, So when I bought it I had to grind the old fiberglass down and repair it. I didn't want to paint the boat so I bought a prevail sprayer and sprayed gelcoat. The repair is matched so well that you cannot see the repair. The boat is off white and has red white and blue diagonal stripes. It will come with an almost new Class approved sail. The mast and booms are in good condition. This boat has no leaks and has no access ports! It is very stiff and it's very light.

Also, if anyone buys the boat I will buff and wax the boat for you.
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So the sail I thought I had is misplaced. So I can include a new neil pryde sail with the boat for the same price. Or I can provide a 2008 Worlds class approved racing sail with racing spars (cleats) and upgraded bolted SS Eyestraps. The sail has been used three times and is in perfect condition and sports the sail #3900. with this sail and set-up Im asking 1350.00.
I posted a private message and sent you an email. I have not heard back from you. Are you still selling this boat or have you changed your mind. Would like to know one way or the other.
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Its still for sale. Just need to do a few things to it to get it ready. I want to reseal the coaming and buff out the bottom of the boat. I also have a small chip on the deck that I need to fill in.
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Tomorrow isnt going to work, sorry. I work crazy hours. Im going to wake up early tomorrow and take some pictures. and maybe ill do some cleaning. and Ill post some pictures. here is one I took in April in my first spring sail. The Racing sail can be included for 1350.00 total (trailer is not included)

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Here are some images of my sunfish. Trailer not included. youll see the bottom corner I repaired (or you wont see it because it matched perfect.) And I tryied to get some general shots and close-ups of the areas that have some surface stress cracks on the gelcoat. Hope this helps you guys out. Im actually going to do a leak test tonight to make sure everything is good. This is the boat that I use all the time. Ive never even used my 76sunfish. So at least I know there are no major issues with this boat.
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Okay everyone the boats back on the market. please call me a 508-813-2238 if your interested. I did have a little time to look the boat over and decided that I'm going to sell it without the sail for $850.00 and with the newer racing sail for $1225.00. The reason im selling if for less is that I have no time to buff and wax her out and she needs it on the bottom. The bottom needs a very light wetsand and buff. First to pick her up with money in hand gets her.
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