1983 Laser hull only - Project boat - Wisconsin

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Offering for sale a 1983 Laser sailboat, hull and hull fittings only. This boat does not include sails, spars, rigging, trailer, tiller or blades. There are two holes in the hull which were caused by improper trailering (see photos). However we do not believe these holes have been immersed. This is a good project boat for someone with moderate fiberglass skills and a desire to pick up a Laser on the cheap.

The hull fittings which are included are the ones shown in the picture.

This boat is offered for sale by the Ephraim Yacht Club. The EYC is a 501c3 charity. This boat was donated to us but we are unable to use it in our operations, so we are selling it to raise funds.

Interested? Email [email protected]


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Hello, I was wondering if you still had this sailboat? If you do I'd love to work out a deal for the both of us. Thank you, so much for your time; if you'd like to get in contact with me. My email is [email protected].
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