1982 Laser

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1982 original owner laser (brunt-orange). Only used 2 or 3 summer seasons and then put into storage. Never repaired or repainted. Currently registered. One of the rare imported stiff hulls. (2FSA3311M82F)


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One of the rare imported stiff hulls. (2FSA3311M82F)
Just curious: where was this boat imported from? The code points towards Montreal (if the initial 2 is actually a Z), so technically it would have been "imported" to California, but as the Montreal plant supplied the Lasers for most of North America even before production in California came to an end, it wouldn't be that "rare".
Were the Californian-built Lasers soft?
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At the time of purchase, it was difficult to find a laser with a non-USA built hull in SoCal. The newer USA built hulls (at that time) had soft spots in the hull under were the sailor sat on both sides.