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1981 lockley newport surprise 15

robert phelps

New Member
Hello all, have just purchased a surprise 15 but with no sails. If anyone out there has one of these I need the measurement of the main and jib. Luff and foot only would suffice. I have scoured the web for days and can find just about everything there is on this boat except sail measurements. My intentions are to find used sails so I can use the boat for the summer. Any help appreciated.

Mike 3080

New Member
I own a 1975 surprise and I have the original sails the are very tired. In fact the replacement jib that I have is not so good. I myself was looking for a new or used jib and I stumbled across your post. The main is 17’-0” leach,15’-6”luff and 7’-6” foot. The Jib is 14’-2” leach, 12’-10”luff and 5’-9” foot. My replacement sails are a couple inches bigger. Good luck and if you find anything let me know.