1981 Laser with custom trailer

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Complete Laser sailboat with trailer. Made in 1981 at Performance Sailcraft in Point Claire, Québec. Masts in very good condition, straight, fully rigged.

Custom trailer to support Laser properly, also holds two-piece mast and boom for easy transport. Trailer has new wheels & tires, and new or repacked bearings as well as new lights and wiring. Trailer needs a coat of paint to be pretty (but does not affect functionality - very solid trailer.

Boat needs new seals on drain plug and cabin drain. Also needs plug for cabin drain. Some discolouration of hull but does not affect performance. Also some wear marks on deck where boat was rubbed by a tree.

See guide to buying a laser:

Serial# ZFS98674M81G.

See my kijiji add for pictures:

Asking $1400.00
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Reduced: Asking $1200.00 or best offer. Would like to sell before I have to put it away. Also, if it is unclear, it is fully rigged - sail, batons, bag, etc. - even the original Laser bumper sticker!
What damage exists to the boat. Has the mast step been repaired. Is the boat stiff and dry. Do you have radial bottom and radial sail. Does the boat come with any covers. What type of rigging do you have for the boat. have any upgrades been made
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Sailed it this summer. There isn't any damage to the boat. Mast step has not been repaired. The boat is stiff. If it sits in the water all day, it does take on some water but I think that is the seals around the cockpit drain and around the hull drain. It has the standard rigging that came with the boat.
..Or would you consider $200 US, sell the trailer yourself and deliver the boat to my front yard in Long Island AFTER washing it and waxing it?
JESUS CHRIST - looks like a decent boat at a decent price. Buy it/ don't buy it, but enough already w/ beating the guy down! You're giving New Yorkers a bad name.
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