1981 Laser for sale w/ trailer.

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1981 Laser w 1982 dilly trailer in good cond. w/cover. Stored 4 years. No leaks, all hardware in fair/good cond. $800.(516)425-9976.
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Don't have any pics, but if you would like to see the boat , it is located at a storage facility in Enola, Pa. Just outside of Harrisburg.

I am interested but i am 3 hrs away. Any chance you can post or email pictures? Also, what is coming with the boat? ( sails, rig, foils etc...)
Please detail the ad.

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Hi, I don't have any pics but the boat is kiwi green hull w/white deck. Includes all rigging, 1 sail and a cover. I live in New York and have it stored in Pa.

I am interested in the boat only.
Any chance the marina can take pictures? I only really need pix of the mast base and some of the deck.
How much would you sell the boat separately?

Nice talking to you this afternoon.
Just wanted to confirm in writing that you have deal for the boat w/o trailer.
I will call you after i get back from Tortola so we can agree on a pick up date.
Please pm me your email address.

I am interested in the trailer only, but its age is a concern. It would have to have the capacity to be set up for multiple boats/kayaks. I am in Virginia about 4 hours from Harrisburg.
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