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1980 Sunfish missing Mast/Boom


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I am totally new to sailing and am looking into buying a sunfish. I came across one that is missing the mast and boom parts. I'm wondering how hard it might be to find a replacement or if I should pass. Any info appreciated.


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It really depends on how much and condition of the hull, a mast and boom alone are hard to find. How much are they charging? Is there an ad that we can see. Being new, it might be best to find a complete boat. Where are you located?


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Even a free Sunfish can be expensive!

Go here for dimensions, and check with a metal supply house near you:
Sunfish upper and lower boom question

You want anodized. Even then, you'll want to be handy with a pop-rivet gun! ;)

The bronze gooseneck, lines, sail, and all the plastic end-pieces are available. (Perfectly-good used parts can be found under the "For Sale" forum).

Alan S. Glos

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I do sell used Sunfish spars (mast $65, upper boom, $35, lower boom with blocks $45, gooseneck $38) but they are pick-up only in Cazenovia, NY near Syracuse as shipping is too expensive. You are better off buying as complete boat in most cases.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY


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ajthechick, I went this route when putting together my 2 Sunfishes. I took quite a bit of time to find all the parts and you have to be patient. I originally started with just a mast, spars and an old sail which came from a wooden Sunfish I had when I was younger.

Don't pay a lot for a hull unless it's in really good condition. Most people get rid of hulls because they're in tough shape and water logged. It takes quite a bit of work to get a hull back into shape.

Not sure if this is the hull you're looking at which is listed on Facebook Marketplace for $450 in Auburn PA but that price is way too expensive for just a hull.


I've seen complete boats for sale for around $700 but there's not too much available at the moment unless you want to travel quite a distance.


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Thank you for the feedback! After doing more research I realized the boat just isn't worth the $500 they want for an old sail with a hole in it and the top boom. The Hull itself seems to be in great shape but I never got a chance to look at as she did not provide the serial numbers or anything. I concluded it would probably cost around $1,000 to get the parts I needed plus shipping. At that point I might as well wait and find a complete boat.

Here is the original listing. She did not mention it was missing the parts until I spoke with her on the phone. I am located in Pittsburgh, PA but also Jamestown PA.

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that looks like a Minifish hull to me.
Yup. A very cartop-able sailboat, which is not a "full-weight" Sunfish.

Pix show a nice hull, and the seller will have trouble selling it. (And perhaps started selling parts off it :eek: ).

I'd make copies of this page, and make an offer.

That sail's pattern looks familiar...:rolleyes: