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1980 AMF Sunfish

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1980 AMF Sunfish in excellent condition with galvanized trailer. This was a lake boat from Wisconsin, and had been siting in a barn for the last 30 years. It has seen very little use and was well cared for. I bought her to race, but have now moved up to a Laser. I have only had her out a half dozen times, but in some good breeze and chop, but everything in solid, she does not take on any water. She is a dry boat. There are a few chips, scratches, and spider fractures in the gelcoat, but overall its like new. The sail is in good shape, but the logo has gone gummy and marked the sail in a few areas. All the rest of the components are in great condition, and she is ready to sail.
The trailer is in very good condition, lights work, and has 1 7/8" hitch.
If you want to invest more, I do have new FRP blades and sail from Intensity sails available, but those would be extra, at what I paid, as they have just a few hrs on them.
I can also store the boat for the buyer for up to a month or so, if you need that option.
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hello, I know it's been a few months but wondering if you sold your Sunfish or is it still for sale?

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Sailnexpa, regarding “but have now moved up to a Laser”. Many would consider that moving down, unless you are intent on the Olympics.


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We are interested in this Sunfish. We are in FL and can pick it up. Please let me know if it's still available. Thank you!
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