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1979 AlCort AMF Sunfish Sailboat for Sale, Recently Restored

Bob V

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I just finished restoring a classic 1979 Sunfish Sailboat that has made its way between family members over several generations. It’s finished and in great sailing condition. Now it’s time to pass it on to a new generation. Just in time to get that child or grandchild out of the house and onto the water for the summer.

Here are the details:
Basic boat hull and deck
  • 14 ft hull is in great shape, no holes or patches, a few hairline cracks on the deck gel coat, boat is leak tight and dry.
  • New Blue Pinstripe Polyethylene edging all around the boat (replaced broken aluminum edging that caught clothes and cut hands)
  • Deck has 6-inch access port ahead of cockpit,
  • Drain plugs on side and rear.
  • Cockpit has drain hole and automatic bailer
Two sails included
  • A newer lightly used (blue, red, yellow, blue, green) Class Approved sail by North Sails
  • An older “practice sail” (Blue yellow blue yellow) for use by beginners (heavily patched)
Rudder, Tiller, and Centerboard

I recently sailed the boat and all went well. It’s ready for your pickup in Stuart. Florida.

Boat dolly is also available at added cost.