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1978 Vanguard 470 and Trailer for Sale


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Price $
1988 Vanguard 470 and Trailer for Sale in Annapolis, MD.

Asking $1,200, OBO

Fully outfitted. Boat and trailer were reconditioned in 2016 to include some fiberglass repairs to the bottom, spray lip and some surface work on tanks. Both tanks are dry. New components by themselves are worth more than the asking price. Previous owner says the boat was raced by the Bahamanian Olympic Team. There is no record of them competing in the Olympics but one spinnaker carries a sail number of BA 1.

Titled road-worthy steel trainer in good shape
Seiden Dolly (Excellent shape)
Boat cover (mast up, fair shape)
Elvstrom spars
North Main (Good shape)
North Jib (Good Shape)
North Jib (Used four times)
2 Spinnakers (both are old)
New mainsheet and tapered spinnaker sheets
Extra Rudder
Ronstan Trapeze Harness (M very good condition)
Harken Trapeze Harness (XL new)

To contact, please text 757-620-5680


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If I remember it right, Vanguard built its last 470s in 1986. The above pictures are too fuzzy to show smaller details, but that tiller port shape sure wasn’t on the final model.

BA-1 sailed in the 1979 Worlds; this boat is quite possibly the same one, or another one that the same team sailed in North America roughly at the same time. Sharper pictures of the cockpit and the sheeting and control systems would help in further dating.

Is there a HIN code on the transom? If so, what does it say? Or the IYRU plaque? (I assume there is no trace of a measurement certificate.)

Here is a picture of the HIN, the Vanguard Placard and the IYRU Plaque. You are correct I certainly don't have a measurement certificate. At this point, this is a recreational boat. We got it as a rescue and did a lot to fix it up. We have had a lot of fun with her, but the kids have grown up, we bought a J/105 and my wife is definitely not excited about dinghy sailing! Please let me know if you think I've misinterpreted the HIN for the construction year and I'll correct the posting.

Also, the trailer is titled.


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:) The ”M78B” at the end of the HIN means ”Model year 1978, September”.

What makes it still somewhat uncertain is that the cutoff month for the ”model” year can vary a lot. This boat may have been built as early as September 1977, but I’m leaning towards the following year. The layout of the 470 evolved fast in the late 70s, and this one has a more ”modern” look to it. The numbers on the plaques are on the high side, too.

Beautiful boat, especially for its age!

Thanks for the info! I'm trying to figure out how to update the listing. Until then, for everyone, this is really a 1978 boat.