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1978 J24 Sailboat

How do you repair a hole?

  • Do it yourself

  • Tow it to a repair shop

  • Get someone to come and fix it

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1978 J24 Sail Boat for $750:D
LOA is 24' 0"

Needs a hole patch, but my father never completed it.
Mast, boom, and sails available.
Trailer is separate.
Worth over $16,000 after repairs.:eek:
Please tow it home.

People are asking me the same questions.
See below for FAQ:

1. Is the boat still available? Yes, I will delete this post when sold.:confused:

2. How much is the trailer? Best offer please. The trailer for this sail boat is 30 ft away from the boat. The trailer under it actually goes to a speed boat. I may need help moving these boats. Thank you for understanding.

3. Why don't you finish the repairs? My dad had a stroke, and left a lot undone. I am helping my mom clean up.
He was good at fixing machines. I am only good at posting online.:p

Thank you for your interest.

Title on hand.:cool:
Negotiable. Call/Text/Email OK.
Cash or Check at bank OK. Cryptocurrency OK.


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Red Sky

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Hi, I'm interested in the boat. Can you tell me how long the boat has had the hole on the deck, or how long it's been open to the weather? Also, is the trailer in good enough condition to get the boat to TN?




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Hey Rob! I don't know a lot about it. I'm going to visit Saturday. People have been asking for pictures and more details. Email or call me. I don't know how this site cares about contacting people. I'll try a direct message.