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1978 hull # 1507 for sale. $3,800

Alan S Bomar

New Member
Selling a 1978 J/24. Very good condition. Lightly used over the last 10 years. Dry interior. Deck redone in Ohio prior to being brought to VA. Mast and rudder replaced in the past. Nice keel shape. Very good sailing boat. Take it, learn to sail, learn to race, learn to win races and have a whole lot of fun.

Alan S Bomar

New Member
There is a trailer without a title. It is priced at $1200. I am working on posting pictures. I need to log in from my computer in lieu of a mobile device.


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Can I show it to you?
I'm not local. I live in Wisconsin, so it would be difficult I think. Hence why I care about a trailer. I'd probably need to do a Skype call or something before driving all that way.

It seems like an okay deal, when was the bottom paint last done? Bottom paint doesn't look to be in good condition in some of the pictures but I know sometimes pictures are old or misleading.

I'm also not 100% ready to buy today (due to need to sell my hunter 25.5 though I do have 3 interested parties), so I might not be the fastest buyer, just FYI.