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1977 J24 & Double Axle Trailer


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Older J but a good boat. She's complete minus small things here and there (some blocks and running rigging). But Mast, Boom, Stanchions, Pulpits, rudder, etc all there. A power boat hit her bow pulpit and it pulled through the deck in one spot and pushed down in another (see pic). She was disassembled, covered flush to the deck to ensure no water crept in, and has sat there for a two seasons now. The boat is what it is. A little bit of a project but very close to sailable. Some old sails in there that may or may not be usable. Keel sump has been done.

The trailer is solid minus the brakes which are pretty rusty (who needs brakes anyway)... Two new tires on the front axle. It was towed from Mass to NY two seasons ago and has sat in that spot since. Trailer came from Maine and never had a title. If you need one for your state... I can get you one from another trailer for $200 or you can go to your DOT and have it weighed for an original title.


Get them out of the yard by Nov 1. and you can have it all for 2,700.

Check out the pics and ask if you need more.