1976 Sunfish or AMFlite


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This rope ladder idea sounds potentially dangerous. If you get a foot tangled in it you could get dragged by it if the sail somehow fills and the boat sails itself, or if the boat flips during the reboarding process you could get trapped underwater. I'd suggest only sailing with a crew if you cannot get back into the boat solo without these dangerous assists.
That actually happened to me, sailing my 20-foot Tornado catamaran.

Approached by two speeding "gin palaces"—one on each side—I stood up, and grabbed a shroud. My Tornado was thrown upwards, but my two-handed grip wasn't strong enough to stay aboard. I landed in the water, but not before getting both feet tangled in the mainsheet. :confused:

Thus lightened, the Tornado sailed speedily onwards, and there I was, being towed by both feet! Although I was heading "safely" to the lake's shoreline, my first concern was towards my PFD "lifejacket". It wasn't designed for the opening at the waist to scoop up water, and speed that water at my face! :eek: