1976 Sunfish $400 Wisconsin


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For sale: 1976 Sunfish sailboat, with trailer $550.

This Sunfish was donated last week to the Ephraim Yacht Club. Now the EYC is selling it to raise funds. Priced to move quickly.

The boat is in fair used condition. It has the usual scuffs, scratches and gelcoat chips which you would expect in a boat of this age. It includes all the parts, blades, sail and running rigging which you need to go sailing right away. This boat has been repaired in a couple of places (see pictures) using epoxy or polyester resin, and the mast is a little bent (but still usable). The sail is in pretty nice shape, with just one small (less than 1/2") hole near the tack. All in all, this boat is suitable as a beach boat for recreational sailing only, not really usable for racing.

The trailer is a Highlander. It's scruffy looking but functional. The buyer will want to replace the lights and wiring ($35 kit at Walmart). Tires look OK, are old but with no cracking, and hold air. Note, in the pictures of the trailer, the boat sitting on the trailer is not the boat listed in this ad.

Located in Bailey's Harbor, Door County, Wisconsin. If you are interested please phone (414) 322-7880 or email [email protected]

Jay Lott


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