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1975 Vanguard 470 for sale


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have a 1975 vanguard 470 for sale for $750
-2 mains
-2 Jibs
No spinnaker or pole.
one set of trapeze wires and handles.
the rest is there,
including a ton of harken blocks!
Currently Stored inside.
The boat itself is sound, with the exception of the bow area it is in fine shape. The bow was repaired by someone who does not know fiberglass, it is sturdy, but not the prettiest way to do it.
The trailer looks a bit rusty, but is sound with working lights and brand new wheels and tires.
Ready to roll wherever.
I bought this with the intention on fixing it up and turboing it.
I have too many projects going and am selling this for what I have in it.
The previous owner told me he sailed it and it did fine last year.
Brand new Class sails (main, jib, spinnaker) available for $850
If I start working on this, the price will go up.