1975 Laser Parts Needed

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I am new to the LaserForum. A 1975 Laser was donated to our Boy Scout Troop, it seems to be in good shape, but we need a couple of parts. Is it possible to find a Boomvang block with key and a boomvang block with jam.

Also looking for help learning to sail.

Kelly Pennington
Orlando, FL
One of the many beauties of a Laser class sailboat is that from 1969 to present, each boat is identical! This means you dont have to hunt around or pay over inflated prices for the right part for your boat, regardless of year.
If your looking for either a mail order or on-line catalog, check out Annapolis Preformance Sailing www.apsltd.com they use the original builders drawings in their catalog which makes it easy to indentify the part you need. Furthermore, if your looking for a good basic "how-to" book for the laser, I recommend 'Laser Sailing' by Dick Tillman, he covers the basics and provides some advanced advice in every field, and it is an easy read, when used with the sailing merit badge book, I'm sure you won't be able to go wrong.

A former boy scout, explorer, venture, sea scout, and eagle scout myself, happy trails...
Another place to look would be eBay. If you click on the link at the top of the web site, west coast sailing might have what you are looking for. Good luck to your Troop and have fun. I also am a Eagle Scout,I am involved in A BSA Troop, SCUBA Venture Crew, Ski Venture Crew, Sea Scouts, OA and a Venture Crew at NASA.
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