1974 Laser

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1974 Laser. Completely restored. New Awlgrip paint. No dents, scratches, or stress cracks. Stiff deck. Mast step rebuilt before any problems. Spars end-for-ended. Mahogany blades in new condition. New lines. New fittings and fasteners. Good racing sail with red dot. All work done by professional boat builder using West System products and Awlgrip paint. Boat looks new and is ready to sail. Boat will not break. I have restored 30 Lasers over the past 15 years. Winter price $1600. Call Stu at 617-696-7769.
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This 1974 is probably sold. A person is planning to come this weekend with money and pick it up. If he doesn't I will let you know. The hull number is some what hidden by the awlgrip paint. It is something like PFS125300174.
If this boat is sold I have others. I have a 1982 but that is also sold waiting for money.
I do have a mint 99, all original that will sell for $3100 with a good race sail or $3300 with a brand new never used sail. The special feature is the blades which have been refaired, gelcoated, wet sanded, and buffed by a proffssional boat builder (me). I have been trained by Mark Lindsay.
Stu Nickerson
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The 74 is sold as well as the 82 that I mentioned in my last response. People are getting interested very early in the year.

Sounds like you have quite an inventory. I'm looking for a mast(s), boom and sail(s). Either or both standard and Radial. Decent practice-level sails are fine. Do you have any of these items? I'm not far away - in Lexington.

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Sorry the 1974 Laser is sold. I do have a 1999 Laser in mint condition for sale. It includes refaired and regelcoated blades.
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The 1999 Laser probably needs one week of my time to do things like eliminate any scratches on the hull and make sure there are no dings in the gunnel / rubrail. There is a name painted on the sides which will disappear when I wet sand and buff the sides.
I was hoping to wait until we get temperatures in the 50's. If you are interested, I will get going on the boat.
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I took this boat in trade. It is at my mothers house which is why I am not sure of its condition in great detail. The hull is all white. I typically grind out the area in front of and at the rear of the CB slot and re-glass these areas with some 17 oz. multi-axial cloth and WEST resin. I then fair the area with microballons and re-gelcoat. I then finish by wetsanding and buffing. All my boats look factory new when I am done. The hull has no soft spots or areas of delamination. The spars are in good shape. I end for end the top section and the boom was sleeved by the factory when new.
The blades are perfect, way better than new. (I just refaired a new CB for a friend. It is sad how "not fair" new blades are). I charge $300 to re-fair and refinish blades.
The boat will have a new factory bailer.
All the lines are new. It does not have the pro rigging but I do improve the standard vang. The outhaul is rigged with the Harken hook making the operation very easy.
The tiller is the standard aluminum one with a long Ronstan battlestick extension.
The sail is a 2 year old racing sail or a new never used sail.
I warranty all my boats. If you break something, I fix it for free. I work as a professional boat builder / repair tech. I have re-done about 35 Lasers so far.
Ok, sounds good. . . I am going to be ready for a purchase in roughly a couple of weeks. . . . Your boat sounds nice. . .I would like to see some pics if you could.
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Here are some pictures of the 1999 Laser that I have for sale.
The letters on the sides are vinyl so they will peel right off. There are some small spider cracks at the trailing edge of the CB trunk which will be ground out and properly repaired. The hull needs a gentle wet sand and buff and it will be in as new condition. There are no deep scratches.
You will note that the boat comes with a new Zhik hiking strap. You have a choice of the big or a smaller Harken hexarachet block. The stains on the deck near the mast tube will be removed. The spars are pretty standard. You get a choice of mainsheets. Either Buzz line or a high tech New England line that I won at the NE Masters.
I will try to complete the work in the next 2 weeks.
Stu Nickerson


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The price of the 1999 Laser as pictured is $3100 with a 2 year old race sail. the price is $3300 with a brand new never used sail from Vanguard.
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