1973 Laser (Bruce Kirby's, designer of the Laser) All original


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Own a piece of history from the legendary Bruce Kirby, designer of the Laser sailboat.

A little history about this boat is that Bruce owned this boat and raced it personally in the early 70's where my father had bought it from him in Montreal in 1973 (I have the original transfer of sale with his signature). The Laser has been in our family for 40 years and has rarely seen salt water. A few dips in the Long Island sound and all the original rigging and sail is still going strong. The build number is "379" Sail #6650. All parts are original with original mahogany centerboard, tiller, grabrail and rudder. Bruce had added a navigational compass on the deck. I also have the original typed sailing instructions with pictures of the beautiful Hudson River in Montreal. Trailer included.


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The build number is "379"
If this refers to the last part of the transom code, I read it as ”0373” which indicates a building date of March 1973.

Interesting specimen, in good shape for its age, cool fairly rare colour, BUT it’s super doubtful that anybody would pay thousands extra just for Kirby’s signature.

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Thank you for your reply. The Hudson is an area off the island of Montreal that is between the lake of two mountains. Hudson Yacht Club hudsonyachtclub.com The club was about a mile away from where the beginnings of the Laser was first built.