1971 Sunfish Sailboat (Restored w/ upgrades)

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I have for sale a 1971 Sunfish Sailboat that I restored / upgraded with lots of extras.

-1971 Sunfish Sailboat
-Rudder upgrade (New rudder, tiller, tiller extension)
-New sail
-Refurbished Dagger Board
-New Bailer
-New hiking strap
-Access ports (1 with bag)
-Deck cover (Mast down)
-Spar Bag
-Dynamic Dolly
-Boat Trailer

Pick up in New Hampshire lgg3 099.JPG lgg3 146.JPG
Asking $3,000

lgg3 148.JPG lgg3 145.JPG
Is your boat still for sale? I'm in Milton.

I'm in Huntington, WV. My Alcott Sunfish is a 1984 and has only been used one summer. I bought it last summer along with a new Right-On dolly trailer combo. I've installed a new ratchet block with a swivel cam cleat and new aluminum timer extension and all new lines. I also installed a new hiking strap. I might be interested at the right price. It's been a blast.
Oh ok. Your ad says that the boat is in Wakefield, NH which is just down the road from me. Hmmm. That's a pretty long way...13 hours.
Sorry - long story - there's a Milton WV and I had spoken to someone from Milton last summer who was interested in my boat here in WV. I'm not the NH person but had asked him about how he restored hi Sunfish. I apologize for the confusion.


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You're just 15 minutes from me and, while I have enough Sunfish, you didn't mention if your boat has the rear cubby. ('71 being a threshold year).

You're the Garrett from Mt. Washington?
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