1971 Sunfish - Excellent Condition

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I have a 1971 Sunfish in great shape. All original paint, white with green stripes and green cockpit. Sail is the original white and green sail that came with the boat. The boat was stored indoors, along with all the parts. Second owner. New mainsheet and halyard ropes, both white and green ordered from Annapolis performance sailing. Original tiller replaced with a new old stock tiller. Brand new deck cover included. Boat does not have any inspection port openings and is still in good weight due to being stored indoors. If interested please message me. Daggerboard and rudder in great shape. Comes with mast and all parts.
78F0C184-6986-4CB8-8CD1-0C6B1E04DF5D.jpeg 94B5936C-C0DB-4AB2-8663-510BDC553137.jpeg C7765DEE-5AA6-4DDE-B1CC-E7CDDB63FA6A.jpeg 258946C3-950E-408D-8949-99B987539BBA.jpeg EF73CC58-E60A-4A0F-A7C4-ABE945334AFE.jpeg 3C606AA5-256B-429B-B6C8-A3E1137E2AD8.jpeg 24D5D3EC-9C8E-42CC-A3E5-105E3261E1DC.jpeg 5AB8BB27-EC4B-4951-AEE3-2DA62842E8EC.jpeg F16666EE-84DC-4BB8-8DC8-ECBA60AD5B57.jpeg 64815223-0EE3-43AC-A234-8EF60F8B4545.jpeg 3E8F4F7C-223C-4474-8886-39DE17983649.jpeg D7944849-A55C-4EA9-8473-156910FEB96A.jpeg B7D42657-2C9D-4305-B7FF-12F141B92C2A.jpeg 2BA5736F-A614-4BB6-A15A-30573B0AF6E3.jpeg
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That boat is a 71. Three stripes on the front deck, first year of cockpit storage and last year of old rudder.
Thanks I’ll fix that. I was told it was that by someone else and it didn’t have the new style serial number just the one behind the splash guard so I wasn’t sure.