1971 Sunfish, Complete, Original Sail, Bronze Rudder Parts, Red deck.

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Just brought down from New Hampshire, this Sunfish has a faint oval ring on the bottom that indicates it was moored for much of its life—and it shows! Stored under a house, the registration sticker shows 1999. :eek: While the deck needs polishing to bring back the shine, the underside retains its original gloss and is factory-straight! One chine shows light wear, perhaps from rubbing against a graveled shoreline?

The wood rudder retains its original opalescent grain, and is undamaged in any way. Full bronze rudder head. The daggerboard is a fiberglassed (but rough) spare, and should be replaced by a newer plastic blade for maximum performance.

For a little extra, mix-and-match parts with my other Sunfish. Choice of four masts—$45 (repaired) $80, $90 to $125 new/unused.

Still car-topped, more pictures will follow when I get some help. Rain has washed the bugs off. :)

Fullscreen capture 1062017 65404 AM.bmp.jpg

Fullscreen capture 1082017 91617 AM.bmp.jpg

A little elbow-grease would bring this Sunfish back to 1971, but Hurricane Irma will have me tied up for months. Your gain. ;)

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