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1970 Sunfish Repair - Needing help to bringing order to the chaos!

We took the paddling boats out on a local lake and caught the fever to come back soon with the sailboat. By late morning the sun was warm and melting the last of overnight snow. Then the wind picked up to almost make a little chop. Maybe we really can sail here because all that paddling was too much work. Ha!

Regarding that endless source of work known as our Sunfish, we’ve made little progress this week except to finish polishing the mast and spars. It was our first-time polishing/buffing anything so it was interesting to learn some about that. But some of us thought we were going to take 45 years of wear and tear off the anodized aluminum. Looks better for sure. We were able to remove more yuck than just by washing/cleaning.

Spar Polish Results.png