1969 AMFLITE 14 "project" boat biggest challenge


Fixing up this boat is a hobby in itself. But its fun to see it get better all the time. I think a lot of people would have passed on this boat because of this big repair.

I see it as a challenge. The previous owner had removed the floor in the cockpit or tub, whatever its called. Its was held in with just a bit of fiberglass.

Would battens work ?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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This would be a good time to have a "donor" Sunfish.

Just cut out the donor's floor (the "sole") with an extra three or four inches all around, add adequate foam/fiberglass to those ~dozen round supports, rough up the contacting edges, and epoxy the replacement floor in place. It will be stronger than the original surface.

(Save the old floor as backing for future repairs or projects).

While at this early point in this repair, I'd epoxy four-inch fiberglass "tape" to the inside of the keel.

Additionally, since the floor routinely takes a beating, I wouldn't trust battens to provide the needed strength.
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