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1968 sunfish boom


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Hi All
I have a 1968 sunfish I inherited from a friend........got it up and sailing and enjoying it......my problem is where the two booms meet the upper boom keeps coming apart from cap....it appears to no longer be a hole to slide hook bolt through but just a slot (probably worked from hole to slot through excessive use)
1.......can i drill a new hole at 90 degrees and turn top cap to 90 degrees....or can I cut 3/8 of a inch off boom and drill a new hole....
I hope I explained it well .....I could take a picture if that will help
Thank you


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I was going to suggest end for end flip instead of cutting. But cutting 3/8 off is not a big deal either. You could also rotate 90 degrees and reinstall end caps in correct position.


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Keep in mind the block attachments have to be moved if rotating 90 degrees. Cutting off 3/8-inch is easier. :cool: