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1968 Fully Refurbished (and recently damaged :( ) Sunfish - BEST OFFER


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Back in 2014 I restored my parents 1968 Sunfish and stored it at the lake in the boathouse with a hoist. Well, my storage hoist was not designed to withstand the back and forth action of waves and the sailboat dropped onto a jon boat, resulting a cracked hull and partial deck separation from the hull :'(

I've attached pictures of pre and post restoration and one of me sailing the boat for the first time after restoration.

Includes all gear required to sail: dagger board, rudder, sail and mast. (note that the upper boom of the sail has a repair from an incident in the Gulf of Mexico - all other gear is in great shape).

I would really like this boat to go to a good home as I do not have the means to store it any longer nor do I believe I'm up to the task for the repairs.