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1966 sunfish for sale

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I have what I believe is a 1966 sunfish sailboat for sale. It’s in really good shape other than the paint is faded and the grip tape is older. All the accessories are in working condition and look pretty good for the age. The sail is beer and it all is complete and ready to use. I purchased it from a couple that bought it new in 1966 I wmat to say in New York or new jersey and took very good care of it and I suppose we’re just older and don’t use it any longer. I have take. It out one time in the three years I’ve owned it nit for long as I do not know how to sale so I basically floated around for a while and then took it home and cleaned it and has been stored since. I will see if I have pics of it as my old phone broke and I haven’t been able to get all my pics from it still on iCloud what a pain in the booty! Either way I can n be contacted at 909-855-5248 and answer any questions and send pics direct to you. I can meet posibly depending on where you’re located and like traveling anyhow but it would be easier for you to come to me and I’m nit sure what shipping prices would be for something n this size. I feel like it is a great chance to own a piece of working history in really great shape as I’ve looked all over for one similar without luck until I found this forum which I haven’t seen one yet but I also haven’t looked through everything yet either honestly. Thanks for considering and look forward to talking with y’all!


Alan S. Glos

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Nice boat but this is a Super Sailfiish and not as Sunfish - same builder but different model (flush deck - no cockpit.)

Alan Glos
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