1965 Catfish for sale

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Tim H

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Catfish sailing 20210811_152353.jpg
I have a 1965 Catfish that has been mostly restored. Boat and sail in great shape. I have 2 masts, 2 booms, 3 daggerboards and 1 spare rudder. I had a titanic flip in a big wind though and lost the central tiller and a piece of the tiller connected to ther rudder. So needs 2 pieces $750.00 OBO 248-866-6000


  • Catfish BODY 20210926_141057.jpg
    Catfish BODY 20210926_141057.jpg
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  • CATFISH TILLER 20210926_141024.jpg
    CATFISH TILLER 20210926_141024.jpg
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