1965 Alcort Sunfish WAVE Hull Repair

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Well the saying is that "The Cobbler's children have no shoes" and for us it is "The Skipper's child WAVE has no watertight integrity." WAVE is our first Sunfish, she joined ONKAHYE in the fleet back in 1994. Capn Jack painted her and found a nice RIviera sail and she enjoyed Corpus Christi waters. She was stored 1996-1999 while we were in Yuma, Arizona, where we only took the Lugger and other Sunfish PHOENIX, and she got several hull punctures during a Texas hail storm. In 2000 I slapped some fiberglass, thick fiberglass on her bottom and we have been sailing her since.

She got a rudder conversion and some touch up paint over the last 8 years, but we've ignored the hull patches. There are 3, 2 on the chine and the worst one is on the bottom, right under the Skipper.


We took her out for a day sail, she has a leak and a foam block is loose, so Skipper decreed to put her on the finishing dolly and make her pretty. We'll also repair where I put in a transom drain plug years ago.

So CHIP is in WAVE's slip in the Sunfish Shack now and WAVE is lounging on the finishing dolly in the Carriage House.


WAVE has been on the cover of over 600 copies of The Sunfish Owners Manual. When we get her fixed, maybe we'll update the photo, 2nd Edition?
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