1964 Super Sailfish Restoration

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Since the last picture, I have now taped both edges of the deck, as well as the stern. I have spent the last few weeks filling and sanding, getting something akin to a smooth surface.

I have pulled together the assorted deck parts that will need to be refastened, including new bronze fasteners. The carriage bolt was replaced, though I could really use a bronze wing nut if anyone has a spare...

Last night, I sanded down the old varnish on the mast block. I also drilled the pilot holes for the mast block and new teak handrails, along with the last bit of fill on the deck.

Tonight I will sand that last bit of fill on the deck, then check for any fill needed on the sides or hull.

In theory, I will be painting her on Saturday!
Do you know how much a wooden sailfish is supposed to weigh? My neighbor has one sitting in his back yard that he wants to be rid of. It looks to be in decent shape but it must weigh about 175 lbs. I think the wood must have soaked up some water, either that or whoever built it made the frames out of white oak. LOL
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Friday night, the deck fill was sanded, the hull flipped and final fill completed on the hull side.

This morning, I woke up early and sanded the fill spots that had cured overnight. Switching to 150 grit, I sanded the entire surface as prep for the first coat of paint, applied later this morning.


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"This afternoon, I waited until the paint passed the "thumbprint test", and applied the second coat.
I am hoping to get a third coat in by nightfall.That will allow it to cure overnight, with plans to flip the hull Sunday, and start the deck color (red).