1964 Alcort bailer

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Just purchased this boat and it needs the cap for the bailer. Anyone know the size, part number or where I can get this?
You might try Howard Picard at AMFBoatParts (http://www.geocities.com/amfboats/) to get some older parts. Send him an E-mail and ask. A cheap Bailer Screw-In Plug is a plastic plug for a "stock tank" (cattle/horse water tank, either galvanized or plastic) from your local hardware or farm supply store. At less than 50 cents apiece, they work. A regular plumbing plug is tapered, a stock tank plug is not and may be a little harder to find. The ones I am familiar with are red and it should come with a rubber washer installed just under the top to seal when closed.If the plug you get is hollow, you can drill a couple of 1/4" holes near the top, below the washer, for the bailer to work with out removing the plug completelty. The ball is best obtained from a dealer (you can use the bailer with out the ball as long as you close the bailer when going slow or stopped). I found that the rubber washer that comes with the ball is just a bit too small to work with the old style bailers, so I just leave it out. The ball will seal against the bottom of the plug well enough to stop water from rushing in (it may still seep).