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Updated 1963 Alcort Super Sailfish for sale


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Ormond Beach
I saw my exact sailfish (only mine is red) on this site by a Signalcharlie. I don't know if that is a business or a person? If anyone has any info about this Signalcharlie I would appreciate it.I would like to talk to the person who owns the Blue Sailfish show in the picture taken in Pensacola Bay in 2013, so they might be willing to help me with what I should sell mine for. thanks

signal charlie

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We are a person. Sale price depends on condition of hull, sail, blades and spars. And the market. Relatively small for a Super Sailfish, fiberglass MKII I presume? In NW Florida for a good clean MKII we'd ask around $900. If you have the only-sailed-it-to church-on-Sundays boat you might ask a little more. The 2013 boat sold for $700 as she was about 12 pounds heavy, older sail. We didn't put much labor into her, and only paid a $300 picker price in Georgia when we came home with 2 other boats.

You might market her as a utility vehicle, she makes a great SUP and while heavy for that, she is very stable and holds 300 pounds. ALso has potential for use as a Sit On Top kayak.

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hi, this looks near identical to the one I have. I'm not that great a swimmer and zero sailing experience, so I'm looking to sell. What would be your opinion as to an asking price?
I also don't understand the "Topsy Turvy" on the front. No google searches, other images, or on forums that I find. Does anyone know what that's about?


signal charlie

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Where is your boat located and what condition is it in? Crusty boat in NY you might be lucky to have someone haul it off or get $200 for it. Super clean boat down in NW Florida might bring $800-900.

Topsy Turvy would be what they named it. The Sailfish "is the boat you learn to swim on." Because you get wet and can capsize more often.