1960s Fiberglass Super Sailfish

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I have great memories of sailing a wooden Sailfish in Maine as a boy. After being out for few hours it would get waterlogged and I'd be sailing it back an inch or two under water. Maybe that is why LIFE Magazine referred to it as the "World's Wettest, Sportiest Boat". ;-)

I purchased a 1960s era fiberglass Super Sailfish sailboat by Alcort summer of 2015. Complete with sail, rigging, centerboard and rudder. Some parts newer, some parts original. Boat has flat deck with no cockpit (like a paddle/surf board). I didn't use it once this past summer so thought it might be better in the hands of someone else who will get more use of it. The rudder mount needs to be reattached.

Would someone in this group be interested in acquiring this sailboat or could point me to someone who is? I'm in Southborough, MA (next to Framingham - where the Mass Pike and 495 come together).

I've got it posted on Craigslist and have had a number of inquiries from people who want it for parts. It is in good condition and I would prefer to sell it to someone who is looking for a complete sailboat.

I can provide pictures.