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1950s I think Sailfish.


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Looking to see if anyone is interested in this...trying to get more pics. it has been in my grandfathers garage for about 50 years I think.


Alan Glos

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Based on the 27404 serial number, your Sunfish was born in 1960. These were pretty good boats, a little heavier than today's birth weight, but well built. In the words of Indiana Jones, "It's not the years but the mileage." Hull weight is important. Weigh the boat on its edge on bathroom scales, report the bare hull weight, post photos of the hull and the rest of the rig (spars, sail, rudder assembly, dagger board) here on the Forum and we Sunfish nerds can help you appraise it.

Alan Glos
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Alan Glos

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Duh! Guess I didn't read the first post very carefully, i.e. "Sailfish" not "Sunfish." Obviously my comments referred to a Sunfish. I have no clue about Sailfish serial numbers and the age of hulls, but 1950s is a good guess.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY

signal charlie

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Fiberglass Super Sailfish MKII hit the market just before the fiberglass Sunfish. SER. NO. 27403 shows up as a 1965 model. We need more pictures now :)

Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 10.54.31 PM.png

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