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16' Daysailer Suggestions


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Hi Gang,
I am new here. I have been away from sailing for many years. I want something about 16 feet with good performance and capacity for at least 2 adults. The budget will support $10K including a trailer. Suggestions welcome, please.


I would suggest a Wayfarer:

These have reasonable performance, can easily fit 2 adults in and are supurb for day sailing!


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My search has gotten easier. The club I am interested in has a "One Design" policy for new members. Of their fleets, only the Cllub 420 will suit all my requirements. I have only seen pictures of the 420. Maybe I'll see one this weekend. OTOH, I have found a leftover, Catalina 16.5 at a good price.


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The Rebel is a really nice 16' daysailer. It's designed to be raced with a crew of 2 but the cockpit is pretty roomy if you want to just tool around witth some friends or family. I once went out with 3 adults and two children. There was more than enough room and with 166 sqft of sail it still moved quite nicely. I've attached the sail plan.



Suggest considering moving on up to 17' and getting a "real" Daysailer. The Uffa Fox design is classic and you can race with 2 or 3 or just daysail with up to 4. The Daysailer 1 design is what you want! Wonderful classic boat with a good class association.


You are so right about the O'Day Daysailors. I have been looking to buy one and found what looked like a real deal on Craig's list. Long story short, I waited to long while I debated on which boat would have to go (Comet or Petrel) and the boat was gone. Still looking for one in Up-State NY at the 'right' price.