$1500 1987 Laser Traverse City, MI

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1987 Laser with a new sail, tiller, & top spar (top 1/2 of the mast). It also comes with the original sail and a repairef top spar (it was cut, bent back into shape, & welded back together).

Includes all rigging and trailer.

A port hole has been cut in the main deck to repair the mast step. The mast step has been repaired and does not leak. The mast step was repaired by the original owner.

I am the second owner.

After I bought this boat I decided to change careers and go back to school. I have only sailed this boat a dozen times since I purchased this boat.

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Traverse City, MI 49684
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Here is a photo of the hull. The hull has a little dirt on it. I will clean the hull once the snow melts (unless you want the boat before then).


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may I ask what was the nature of the damage? (broken mast)
The very top section of the mast bent during heavy weather sailing. I have a new top section. The damaged top second has been repaired and is included int he sale as a backup in addition to the new top section.

The repair consisted of cutting the top section vertically, bending it back in shape, and welding the cut back together. I have used it on several occasions. It works fine, it just does not bend at the top like it is designed to do.

Just to claify once more. The damaged mast is included as a backup. I do have a new mast that has no damaged.
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