$149 Sunfish Race Style Sails

As head of the ISCA advisory council, I do want to point out that these sails are not class approved and you are fair game to be protested and DSQd if you use one.

Chris Williams
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As head of the ISCA advisory council, what guidance would you have for Sunfish owners who may not be aware there’s a distinction between so called Sunfish components offered by various merchants? Should a retailer be allowed to advertise in the Sunfish Forum if their parts don’t meet standard?

How does a Sunfish owner know where to shop for acceptable replacement parts and where would a sailor be protested and by whom? It sounds as though if I were to take my family for an outing to the shore my children would be at risk of getting in legal trouble for sailing the family Sunfish if it did not pass some sort of unspecified inspection.
You're misinterpreting the need for "official" parts. That only applies to racing not rec sailing.
You can use any part you want unless you race where it's important for all boats to be equal and "standard".



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Hi Dan,

As Fred said, you only have to use ISCA approved parts and sails for ISCA Sanctioned events. At most events there isn't an "inspection" but if another sailor was to find out you used unlicensed parts/sails he/she could protest your results after racing and you will be disqualified by the RC. As the Intensity website clearly states these are practice sails and you shouldn't use them in events that prohibit their use.

These Sails are designed with two purposes in mind:

1. Local Level Racing/purely recreational sailors
In the Laser class many local clubs have agreed to allowed unsanctioned sails/parts for their local Wednesday Night Beer Can races etc. You will need to check with your local fleet to see how they feel about allowing the use of Intensity's sails. If you are purely a recreational sailor (meaning you don't race) the longevity and low price of Intensity's sails is a true win/win situation.

2. Practice Sails for Racers
The sails are designed to function just like a class sanctioned sail would with one major difference: they last longer. This allows for one to use the Intensity "Practice" Sail to practice for the big event and then switch to their fresh non-blown out ISCA approved sail for the big race with minimal differences.

*I also want to point out that I'm not a class official and the views and advertisements on any SFN Property, including The Sunfish Forum, don't necessarily represent the views of the site's respective class.

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To elaborate a bit on Bradley's post, I am sure that all Sunfish fleets will welcome newcomers, independent of the brand of sail that might be on the boat. To prevent problems, I would ask the fleet captain in advance, if it was OK to participate with a non-sanctioned sail.

On the other hand, I would expect that at Regional Championships, and other, more prestigious, events, all starters carry class-approved sails.

PS: I am expressing my opinion as a long-term member of the Sunfish class, having raced at all levels (not very well, :eek:, but there is always next year...).

I thought this post should be in the "for sale" section, not the general. It is a little misleading for a new Sunfish sailer, they might think its a legal racing sale.

I also agree with the previous post from Wavedancer.

Good price for a sale with the window if the seller isn't trying to make up the difference in shipping and handling.
Thanx for all the replies and clarification. Taking into account non-class members comprise 90% of this forum’s constituents, that was probably a big relief for many to have it explained in a little more detail.
As a recreational sailor, my only concern is whether these sails are a good rendition and if they're made w/ quality materials & workmanship. Has anyone here had experience with a sail from Intensity Sails before? If so, what is your opinion? (I'm in the market for a new sail!)

I have bought a JY15 Intensity sail and am using it to Frostbite at Fleet 38 Snapper Inn Restaurant in Oakdale, NY http://www.jyfleet38.com... others have bought them also... I would say they are good sails for the money... will they hold up for years? most likely.... are they fast? if you miss a few wind shifts, they are slow;) but if you sail well, then its all the skipper's skill;)

For recreational sailors and serious racers, go ahead and buy them.... you can even race them at my club for no charge to race on tuesday nights (you wont even get protested, I promise)--- Wet Pants SA, Sayville, Long Island, New Yorkhttp://www.wetpantssailing.org...In our series this year we had four regional winners, the NA champion and a few Worlds Qualifiers sail.... good luck winning;)

NOTE: Intensity sails should not be sailed at regional, national and world events... class rules would prohibit them. Local events you should check with the local Race committee...

see you onthe water,

Lee Montes- NY Sunfish Class Representative