14.2 vs 14.2 Expo catrigged

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Anyone who can offer comparisons between the 14.2 and the 14.2 Expo?
Especially in regards to performance.
We all know the Expo is much easier to rig, etc. for us laziest of folks;
But how does it sail?
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Have been sailing small boats competitively for many years. Now, am old and fat and lazy. Just bought one [Expo 14.2] and it sails beautifully. Talked to Catalina's district rep who stated that in their testing, the expo didn't sail as close to the wind as the regular ; but cracked off a bit it sailed faster and arrived at the upwind mark quicker. Off the wind the regular with geater sail area with the jib poled out had a bit of advantage over the Expo.

Sailed our against the competitive Sunfish on our lake and did quite well. Love the way it can be easily reefed as the wind builds. Works quite well in that mode also.

Just interested in what other might have to add regarding their experiences and or thoughts.