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I am actively seeking the following Capri 14.2 model 1 parts.

SAILS, (Main and Jib)

Let me know what you may have, your asking price and location.
I am in Southern California.



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I have a brand new set of C14.2 sails, main and jib, red, white and blue. Located in RI. Willing to ship. $650 plus shipping. Contact me at cjo1023 at yahoo dot com.
I have what you're looking for

Hi Eric:

I have all the parts you're looking for! Sadly, my capri (Hull #533) was in a car accident and has gone off to sail the lakes in the sky. Consequently, I have the following:

1. Rudder, tiller and extension $100. This is in good shape. There is a small piece missing from the aft edg of the rudder but otherwise works great and is water tight.

2. Centerboard. $100. Great shape

3. North Sails /Racing $650. I sent the original North Sails to get refurbished at SailCare.com. I have never used them since they got refurbished. They're still in the box. I paid $700 to have them redone. I also had refurbished mainsheet and jibsheets which are included in my asking price.

Love to sell you this stuff and get it out of my garage.

contact me at Jav533@cox.net

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