137001 for sale

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Due to the tremendous demand and interest to be fair to everybody I decided to hold an auction on ebay.

Here is a link to the auction.

In that link are other links to download hi and low rez photos and two videos doing a walk around the hull as well as showing the sail.

The boat bottom is in excellent condition. Around the desk to hull joint edge there are some dings. The blades are in better then good condition but not cosmetically perfect. Tiller and extension are new. Sail has been used one season still has lots of crinkle left. New style vang.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Thanks for the tip. It was deliberate. There is a big cost difference depending where you list. Also I have used ebay a lot and hardly used the categrories option of searching. Also I had about 10 people very interested and thought using an auction would be the best way to be fair to all, and I have sent them all the link.

FYI, your boat is listed under boat parts and accesories. might limit your action a bit.
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Auction ends tonight. Great value. Right now you can get this great boat for $1,275. Won't find a better value in a ready to sail Laser.
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