$100 for trailer?

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It was for sale in Bristol RI. So i left work in the middle of the day to buy it. Lol she told me she had others coming. so i knew that if i didnt get it then someone else would have out bid me. So I guess i got a good deal. It's in excellent shape.
Is $100.00 good for a sunfish trailer? in Good condition with new tires?
You done good. "New tires" will cost you around $100, mounted.

Be sure the sidewalls don't show any cracks on those typically tiny 8" tires.

I sold a trailer last week with a pair of brand-new 8" tires—but as spares.

Even though the original tires had all the "whiskers" still on them, "held air", and were stored off the ground, they were goners as far as I was concerned. :( (And the buyer thought so, as well).