'06 Colors

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2006 NA Lasers will be made in:

Oceanic (BLUE)

Both look to be good colors, Yellow actually looks cool in PDF file, and the blue is much like this years, little less purple, very true blue.

if you want the '06 color chart before your local dealer has the paper version, drop me an e-mail or reply to this thread, I'm happy to e-mail the pdf '06 color brochure.


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I'd love a brochure: sailor_guy_21002 @ hotmail.com

I'm really intrested to see the yellow, thanks for posting this.


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Thanks George, that is a really bright yellow... It's very close to the color of my life jacket.

If I can sell my Laser sometime before next season, I may be looking at a new one. The yellow is my color of choice :).
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it won't be on the web until later this summer. I just got the pdf file from the company and well, they won't make it "public" for a little while yet.

I got the OK to share, but it's still not really *out there*

just post a reply and I'll e-mail it, that's ok with me.
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check your e-mail

JACOB, I sent you an e-mail, but it might have bounced, write me at george @ westcoastsailing.net and let me know. If it didn't go threw, I will send it again.
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check e-mail colleen.

Mac- They lied to me, I got 4 brand new lasers here, and they are all 2005s??

I'll take photos when I get some yellow boats in stock.