’67 Vette inspires ’69 Sunfish

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I so liked this beautiful 67 convertible corvette at the Adirondacks car show in Sept. of 2007. It just struck me as lots of fun.
I must have take about 6 pictures of it that weekend.

The very same weekend I bought my first Sunfish.

While admiring the pictures of the corvette on my computer last month, it came to me…Why not give my 40 year old classic Sunfish a similar treatment.

I also intend on adding another Orange diagonal stripe on half the transom with a smaller 3 inch ’ 69 in the upper right hand corner.
I am quite pleased and thought I would share my pictures with this awesome forum.


I like it, I've been waiting to see some professionally done paint themes. If I had the money I'd get someone to paint my deck in a fish theme like a Bluegill. With 500,000 SF manufactured, it's time to see something different.
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That is one beautiful graphic Wayne…maybe one day.

As for the graphic on my sunfish, they were not a custom paint job but rather water proof stickers that I had a local graphic shop design for me. A sticker they had made for a kayak still looks great 6 years later.

I put the picture of the corvette on a CD and told them what I wanted.
The big 69s are 8 inches in diameter and the Orange stripes are 2 inches wide.
The whole thing cost only $60 and I gave an old boat a newer look.


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That is one beautiful graphic Wayne…maybe one day.
Don't know why they weren't more popular... That was one of the factory deck options from Sunfish/Laser when they built the Sunfish.

Don't forget the GT stripe that Sunfish has sported for the past decade. I always expected to see the Shelby/AC or GT40 emblem on the bow.