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    WASHINGTON Wanted: Right-On, Trailex or Kitty Hawk Laser Trailer.

    Hi! I’d like to buy a Laser specific Trailer. Please let me know if you have one. The ad editor prompted me for a price, so I put $500, but the amount that I might pay is variable depending upon the trailer, the condition and the shipping or pickup costs. Ken
  2. L

    CALIFORNIA Nearly New Trailex Laser Trailer

    Just bought last summer. Sold boat, now need to sell trailer. Very lightweight all aluminum, easily doubles as dolly. Has lights and full hook ups. Highway ready. Originally $1100. $500. Will not ship. I’m in North Lake Tahoe. Text me at( 415) 509-4914 if interest.
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    Laser Trailer Wanted

    Looking for an inexpensive trailer to tow an old laser. Must be in good working condition. Do not want to worry about one that needs work. Prefer one with a winch and rollers...I'll be using by myself, mostly, so I'm looking for something easy to load (I'm a smaller, slightly older, female ;))...